For a few months, I have been silent on my blog. I have stopped writing blog posts, but I have not stopped thinking. This stuff, evolutionary psychology, occupies me, my thoughts and my time. Recently, I was busy with preparing a manuscript, creating presentation posters, writing up a grant (I just submitted undergraduate Psi Chi grant application). Hopefully I got some financial support from Psi Chi. That would be awesome.

I have also been working on a research project proposal on Coolidge effects. I hope to write more about that topic soon. Plus, I have been doing, you know, student stuff: attending classes, taking exams and working on my assigned readings.The latest evolutionary related book I am tackling is, “Your Inner Fish.” Neil Sbubin, who found the transitory fish  with the limbs, tells the reader about his scholarship endeavor, luck, persistence and parallel features that exist in both humans and many animals. Evolution, in short, is a descent with modification.

To keep you update with some great news, two of the posters I will be presenting in 2016 EPA conference, have won Eastern Regional Research Awards($3,00 each). The work will also be presented in upcoming NEEPS conference. I am so excited.

Over winter, I also did a project on whether deterministic world view is related to human forgiveness. I did an experiment, manipulating the free will in people. The study results showed that determinism  could be linked to good thing such as forgiveness. The results ironically will be presented to the legislators at the Capitol in Harrisburg, PA.

Lately, many psychologists argued and showed that “belief in free will is good.”The experiments showed that if one reads things on determinism, one is more likely to cheat in the cognitive exams, less likely to be prosocial and more likely to be aggressive. Such an irony for psychologists as psychology is the science that describes, explains and predicts behaviors. The constraints on prediction is based on the idea that it is impossible to know various factors such as genes and environmental factors, not free will, that come into play.

Prediction is largely based on deterministic view that if one knows accurately about all the conditions, one can accurately predicts the outcome/behaviors ahead. Otherwise, the prediction model will fail. The generalized theories and established results are useless as free will in each and every defies the predictions. For those whose disorders and addictions are treated by clinical psychologists, all we have to say is, “Be Free. Use your free will.”



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