I see existence as the result of unbroken and successful reproduction and parenting by our ancestors. In 2013, I won a Green Card from the U.S. visa lottery program. This winning led me from my home in Myanmar to Albright College, where I received my B.S. in psychobiology with a minor in evolutionary studies. Together with Dr. Susan Hughes from Albright College, I conducted my undergraduate thesis on the Coolidge Effect in humans. I like to say that I won the second lottery, this time to join the Puts lab. I am excited to further pursue my research interests this Fall 2017. I aim to be a productive researcher and hope to expand my research interests in sex and voice attractiveness from cross-cultural and evolutionary perspectives. I plan to continue my research on the Coolidge Effect, mate choice copying, and sex differences in human mating behaviors and psychology. When I am not pursuing my latest research interest, I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend, watching horror films, or taking my handsome lab mix rescue pup Walle on a walk.